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Do you need some of the best stone, rock, flagstone, boulders, or other hardscape for your landscape, building, fireplace, stoneyard or other big project?

If so, then you need to talk with us.


My name is John Schroeder and this is my partner Ralph Schwartz.

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We own and have put together some of the best wholesaling quarries in the business.  When you call or e-mail us, you talk directly with either me or Ralph instead of some paid salesman.

Every piece of product that comes through our warehouse is personally inspected by us and we have our flagstone certified by the ASTM (the international stone standarized organization) for durability and quality. That way you know our flagstone will last a lifetime through all seasons and wear and tear.  

You can get free samples of our products and we will work with you from "craddle to completion" on any project that you have.  We work with contractors with big projects!

We are located in Denver, Colorado right off of I-76 and Federal, but we have retailers in California, Texas, Nebraska, and other parts of Colorado.  We are looking to expand and we know our products would help any retailer increase their bottom line.

Shipping can be costly with gas prices so high, but we've made arrangements with truckers to help lower the costs.  Therefore, it's best you contact us, so that we can get you some of our gorgeous rock no matter where you live.  

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Take a look around our site and see our videos and pictures about all of our different products.  I'll give you some ideas of what our past customers have done and talk to you in quick videos about the uniqueness of our flagstone.


We really love this business and enjoy helping wholesale landscapers, stoneyards, masons, contractors, architects, or anybody with big stone projects.  So, if you're a big contractor, shoot us an e-mail or give us a call right now and let us help you get started.

Thanks for coming by!


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